Modular feeling and design for professional people

Leading in the design and manufacture of professional catering equipment


Our company stepped into the kitchen sector under the name of Öz İş Rovelver in 1984, and LİVA GAS ARMATURES AND FITTINGS has taken its place in the sector since 1999

Our company has two large production areas with LVA and LSA brands under the name of LIVA GAS ARMATURES and produces gas and water spare parts for industrial kitchen sector. Our company, working the principle of using new technologies to deliver world-class business solutions to business partners, has managed to be among the largest companies in Turkey and around the world in production of industrial kitchen spare parts during 32 years of period.

Combining the experience of the past and the technological opportunities of the past, we provide our customers with qualified staff, quality products and reasonable price understanding. Our main goal is to develop projects that prioritize customer satisfaction with the technical support services provided after the delivery, which provide benefits and usage advantages.

Our company, which has been assisting business partners in supplying other spare parts of the kitchen sector outside the production area, has been executing exports since 2006 to more than 48 countries including in Germany, Italy, France, England and Spain in Europe; Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan and Saudi Arabia In Asia and Africa.

Our company, which operates in the industrial kitchen sector by increasing its product range day by day, continues to increase its product variety in line with the requests and projects of its customers and adopts a trade and service understanding based on quality and customer satisfaction.

LİVAGAS, working with the principle that honesty and quality in service is the secret of success and continuity in trade, thanks for the interest and support of its business partners and will continue to serve you today and in the future.…


Our mission is to be a leader in the production of industrial kitchen spare parts with an understanding based on customer satisfaction, quality, professional management understanding, team work, social responsibility and continuous development in accordance with technological developments.


To contribute more and more to our country every day and to work more and more for each day. No matter how difficult the conditions are, always striving for the best and doing the best. To be a bigger, better quality and better LIVAGAS in the future.

Our Corporate Values

  • We are committed to ethical values, transparent and honest; we trust and respect each other.
  • We do all the work we do with passion; with our mind and heart.
  • We act with a great sense of responsibility and we are accountable.
  • By developing specific solutions to projects, we achieve innovative and creative results.
  • It is our most indispensable principle to work as hard as we can, to aim for high success and to always reach forward.
  • We place orders on time with the importance we put on customer satisfaction.
  • Being aware of its responsibility to the environment and society, we take care to protect the environment with all our employees.
  • By encouraging teamwork for our employees, we enable different ideas to develop.
  • We create our future by carefully placing contemporary and progressive approaches on the basis of our rooted and permanent values. Through our continuous learning and developing structure, we work to make visible contributions to our employees, business partners and customers.
  • With the awareness that we are a part of the society, we take care that the company objectives and the country and society interests are in harmony. In order to create a sustainable future, we investigate our obligations under social and common responsibility and perform them in the most beneficial way.
  • One of the most fundamental principles of our corporate culture is to act with the awareness that the protection of nature and the benefit of ecological order in all our business processes is a top priority for improving the quality of life of future generations.
  • We work together for our common success.

Technology and Quality for Catering

As Liva, we want to be a break with the past and be innovative while trying to create a new catering model. The ideal solution for a turnkey service in cooking, preparation and washing departments dedicated to cooking professionals.

Professional Kitchens are Safe and Certified

Liva Gas focuses on production activities in order to ensure maximum efficiency and safety by meeting international quality standards. Liva has successfully acuqired the following certificates to meet the quality, safety and hygiene requirements in different target markets.

Environment Friendly Professional Kitchen

Each aspect of a responsible production overview is to promote excellence and success. Innovation and creativity that distinguish our products in the world of professional equipment requires sensitivity to society and the environment. The products we produce are 100% recyclable because they are made of fully recyclable stainless steel.