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Efficient and successful career is our basic principle..

Our company is growing day by day with the value we give to our employees in a human-oriented management approach.

As Liva Gaz family, our friends who still work with us and who want to work with us are equipped with up-to-date contemporary knowledge,

  • Our first and basic approach is to create educational opportunities and opportunities that will increase their success and productivity in the tasks they carry out while shaping their future according to their expectations, taking into account their dynamic and creative characteristics.
  • Within a human-oriented management approach, our company directs the career plans of our employees by considering their mental abilities, personality traits, self-development levels, their desire to progress in their jobs and to reach higher levels, together with the training we provide to our employees. With this, we ensure the job satisfaction of our employees, their loyalty to the company and their mobility within the company.
  • For the assignments to critical tasks, criteria based on the job success, performance level and competency-based selection made within the group are taken as basis. We prepare our employees, supported by training determined by the performance management system, to be good manager candidates for the future.
  • We contribute to their career development most directly by sharing the opportunities that arise in our Group Companies with them, in order to provide them with career opportunities in order to ensure the efficient work of our personnel working towards the realization of the determined company goals.
  • With the career management made with an impartial and equal opportunity understanding, we make an important contribution to the motivation of the individual by creating the opportunity to determine and develop the long-term goals of our companies, and by meeting the self-realization needs of the working individuals.
  • We strongly believe that it is necessary to build the intellectual and creative capacity necessary for our company to continue its activities by investing in the career goals of our employees.


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